Your Young Professional DJs


Founded in 2009, Bow Tied Events (originally Davey Events) has been providing top-notch entertainment services for corporate events all over Virginia. Founder of Bow Tied Events, Matthew B. Davey, has been a disc jockey since 2003, where he got his experience entertaining bars and college parties. Today, Bow Tied Events services a wide range of events, from corporate galas to non-profit fundraisers.


The mission of Bow Tied Events is to provide Exciting DJ services to events in Richmond, Virginia. Our key objectives are to provide event planners with a Director of Music and Events for those looking for a lively dance floor and help our clients with direction of the evenings schedule. Booking with us means you will also receive a turn-key planning package to ensure you have all of your bases covered. 


Bow Tied Events has established itself as a leader in the event industry. Our sister company, Bow Tied Weddings, is consistently ranked among the best Wedding DJ services all over the Southeast. We offer Young Professional DJs that know exactly what your crowd wants, provide quality sound and entertainment that is customized to your event, and we include complimentary event coordination to ensure that the dance party is a success.


DJ or a band? Your average party band costs between $7,500 to $10,000, they take at least two 15-30 minute breaks, and typically only play a handful of songs. We have wider range of music selection, we do not take breaks, and we provide a very similar atmosphere for a fraction of the cost.


With pricing for an event being $2,500, we are experienced professionals who are competitively priced with the best DJs and are a cheaper alternative to bands. 


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